If you plan to invest, you need a brokerage account. If you don’t already have one, signing up for an online broker these days is really easy!

If you just want to read my reports to learn about investing and the world, then you don’t need a brokerage account.

This is highly dependent on where you live. A simple search for “best online brokers in [your country]” should give you some good choices. I usually go with the cheapest one.

I recommend checking out Interactive Brokers. They offer cheap commissions and international trading.

Both the articles and To the Point dispatches are free!

They mainly discuss markets, current financial events and economics. Sometimes I will write about investments and stock ideas too. The articles are longer in length, usually focused on one topic or theme. To the Point dispatches discuss multiple topics in bite-size pieces.

Paying members get comprehensive investment reports. Each report analyzes an investment idea in detail from its sector to its financials. I also track the investments and publish updates and buy/sell suggestions for you. Most of my stock ideas live here, exclusive to my members.

The investment reports are where real wealth is created. My value stock picks aim to beat the market by a wide margin. The speculations aim to give multibagger returns.

Read the free articles and dispatches to learn about investing, markets and economics. Read the investment reports to multiply your wealth.

I’ve seen comparable services (financial news and/or research platforms) charge up to $2000/year.

Compared to others, my site is truly affordable.

I choose to keep my reports affordable so anyone can begin investing (even if you’re broke).

I plan to make money off this site through volume (a lot of readers) rather than a few high paying members.

Eventually, I may have to raise my membership price since:

  • there will be more reports over time, making this site more valuable.
  • there will be too many members. I don’t want to be the guy who publishes a report just to see my members pump a stock up. Before that happens, I may increase prices to restrict new members.

Don’t worry, if you’re reading this it means there’s still time for you to get in cheap (and I haven’t become too popular yet).

The disadvantage of having an upload schedule is the content quality suffers. This is because if there’s nothing relevant to write about, forcing content to meet a schedule leads to dull content.

I avoid this trap altogether by not having a fixed schedule. You will be notified immediately when I publish something.

I track and provide updates on published investment reports.

I provide updates when: 

  • the thesis in my original report changes.
  • something important happens.
  • I have more to add.

I will continue providing updates until I decide the investment is no longer worth following.

I will not be providing updates/spamming you based on price fluctuations or trivial news.

No. My site is already really affordable compared to other financial news and investment research sites. If I discount any further, I might as well run across the city with a megaphone screaming stock names.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at: contact{at}