AntiCOVID-19 Lockdown Archive

13 DECEMBER 2020

Tell your uninformed friends to never talk about COVID-19 and lockdowns again until they go through this archive.

Below is a list of sources that redress mainstream COVID-19 and lockdown narratives. This list will not repeat mainstream talking points you probably already know. Rather, it will show alternative viewpoints that are lesser known or hidden from the population.

Mask mandates

Mask efficacy

Unintended consequences/the price of lockdowns

I was going to make a list, but the following two sites already did the work for me. Please go through at least one of the two sites. The harm on other sectors of life is staggering.


Deaths remain relatively same year over year

PCR testing – “casedemic” and inflated case numbers

Perspectives from foreign countries

WATCH VLOGS. Seriously. Go on YouTube and type in “[country] vlog.” Seeing how other countries are going about their lives in the age of COVID-19 will give you fresh perspectives.

For example, everyone talks about Sweden, but Egypt is also doing very well with COVID-19. Egypt is living life like COVID-19 doesn’t even exist… And the data shows they don’t have a large number of cases or deaths. It makes you wonder if there’s more to the virus than the mainstream says.

People to follow on Twitter for live/latest info

Alternative solutions

Other great sources


If you side with the views in this antiCOVID-19 lockdown archive, you may want to know how to fight back.

  • The simplest thing to do is educate yourself and others, your friends in particular. Since you’ve made it this far, I know you’re smart enough to do so. Share this archive and support the people who espouse your views.
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